The Perfect Game Plan : #DesignatedRider / by Dale Moss

The Perfect Game Plan: #DesignatedRider


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With the big game just around the corner I’m sure the excitement and trash talk has already begun! If you are a sports fan like I am this can be the most exciting time of year. That’s why I was so excited to partner with Uber and share my tips for being “The Host With The Most” to throw an unforgettable party, and ensure everyone gets home safely by being a #DesignatedRider !


Local Legend


Next to the game the food is probably the most important thing to keep the mood going and the rivalry at bay. After all you can’t have people who are rooting for opposing teams in the same room and have them Hangry ( Hungry + Angry for you rookies ). By planning ahead and adding some creativity to your choices you can build momentum that will carry you throughout the whole game.

I try to have a theme of local ingredients incorporated into all the party favors. This adds to the overall experience by bringing together local flavors and team spirit.


My Game Day Starters

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  • Philly Cheese Steak Pot Stickers
  • Old Bay Tater Tachos
  • Clam Chowder
  • RedZone Hot  Wings
  • Old Bay Wings
  • Pretzels 7 beer cheese sauce


Custom Cocktails


The same thing can be carried over from the food to the drinks. I like this because it keeps guests entertained so I can watch the game. By creating a custom cocktail bar you let your idea shine and guests can get creative and even compete on who made the best drink! Get creative and don’t hold back.

IMG_2335 2.jpg

Perfect Size To Party

Make individual sized party snacks to take your Game Day Party to the next level.


Room With A View

One of the most upsetting things on game day is when you can’t get a good view of the tv. If able, try projecting the game on the wall or rearrange your layout to maximize sitting area.


Tip: If you live in an apartment see if you can reserve the community room in advance. This allows you to host, view, and play party games all in one space.


Everybody’s Involved

Last but definitely not least make sure you create experiences to keep everyone involved. This grows the excitement building up to the game and also allows for more fun throughout the entirety.

I try to think of some simple,  fun games that allow for everyone to stay active and have something to do throughout. Think of your party just like the game. There are 4 quarters so make sure you have enough juice ( literally ) by the end of the game so you can finish strong.

With All that being said the only thing left to do now get your party pants on and get ready for a great game!

Uber Invite

A creative way to ensure all your guests can enjoy the big game to the fullest is sending out Uber codes to ensure all guests are #DesignatedRider to and from your party. This allows everyone to “leave it all on the field” and keep the roads safe for everyone following the game.

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Send your guests Uber Gift Cards in your invite so they can party hard and get home safely following the game.