My Life As An Influencer / by Dale Moss

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Return On Influencers

Pictured above with fashion influencers @catcherinthestyle & @nyclavish

Playing Both Sides

As a former NFL Athlete, Current Model, Entertainer and Lifestyle Influencer I’ve had the opportunity to experience both sides of the spectrum if you will. I have also been around long enough to see the shift in how brands and agencies market, endorse and advertise their products. The shift has truly given more “ Power to the People “ by seeking out those who have a devote and large following that seemingly aligns with their marketing initiative to push, support, and endorse their product.

Naturally I have a background in sports, so it’s natural for me to work with brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and so on, but while many “ influencers “ focus solely on 1 industry I’ve put the faith in my fans, and following to open up opportunities across the board. In A previous blog entry my creative Colleague Joshua Estes shared the #1 most important rule in Building a Community Which I’m going to share again with you here.

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Start With What's Natural

Then Expand On It

“When you post content to these channels you are no longer speaking to just your audience, but also the multiplication of their audience. Your 60,000  or 6,00 followers are now equal to millions. This is an opportunity that should not be wasted by anyone serious about growing their community.  “

- Make it Count

Earn It! 

While the goal is always to generate growth for your platform and brand I think it’s very important to look at the numerous ways you can maximize growth by having your partners put a little more “ skin in the game “ if you will. While a lot of content is paid or done in Kind I believe it’s very important to have a brand, venue or partner endorse you as an influencer in some way shape or form through the form of Cross Promotion. I have always believed in development and maybe that comes though my background in sports so think of it like this. If you are being scouted or “ recruited by a team” then it only adds to your value when it is known that you have interest from numerous organizations. Your value goes up and if they believe in your capabilities, or ability to continue to grow they will stand by your brand in hopes you will continue to build alongside theirs.

Earned content with AT&T and Direct TV during the Tribeca TV Festival

By doing this you not only form a relationship that is documented, but it gives you the ability show first hand the quality ( I don’t say this lightly ) of brands you have worked with and you can creatively brand yourself alongside them. This in turn creates additional support from their many followers and in turn maximizes your cross promotion capabilities.

There's countless ways to grow your brand and to do it authentically!